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September 20 – 29, 2018 / Toronto, Ontario

Bad Dog Theatre

This is one of the 42


8pm: La Grande Jatte
Truth/Lies in the eye of the beholder. Back by popular demand, Bad Dog takes people-watching to a whole new level in this award-winning unscripted comedy from the same team that created the acclaimed sellout hit: Toronto, I Love You. Inspired by the iconic impressionist painting by Georges Seurat, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”, this show features an all-star cast of Toronto’s top improvisers including: Nigel Downer, Amy Matysio, Anders Yates, Lucy Hill, Daniel Maslany, Leigh Cameron, Nicole Passmore, Christian Smith and Andrew Bushell with live, improvised music by Nick Di Gaetano & Ryan Sheedy. Directed by Bad Dog Artistic Director Julie Dumais Osborne.

9:30pm: Kinsey Fail
Kinsey Fail is Toronto’s premiere queer improv show. Every second Thurdsay of the month watch some of the city’s best LGTBQ+ tear up the stage.
This is Improv… Not Straight Theatre.


8PM & 10PM: Toronto I Love You
Bad Dog’s award-winning resident cast is proud to bring back the critically acclaimed hit shows Toronto, I Love You and La Grande Jatte this September. An unconventional love letter to the city, Toronto, I Love You is an unscripted comedy about unexpected connections, set against a backdrop of neighbourhoods suggested by the audience.
Toronto, I Love You features a handful of spontaneously-crafted storylines that intertwine and intersect each other in surprising ways. Nicolas di Gaetano (Mi Casa Theatre, Business As Usual) serves as musical muse for the piece, both underscoring and inciting the action with a mix of Canadian songs – some improvised, some well-known – chosen each night to complement the stories. Toronto, I Love You is directed by Bad Dog Artistic Director Julie Dumais Osborne and stars: Nigel Downer (Second City, Make it Pop! – Nickelodeon), Sarah Hillier (Second City, Canadian Comedy Award: best improviser), Sean Tabares (Canadian Comedy Award: best improviser, The Commander’s Brew podcast), Lucy Hill (The Globe Theatre – Regina; I, Claudia – Neptune Theatre), Daniel Maslany (Four in the Morning – CBC, Murdoch Mysteries – CBC), Anders Yates (Uncalled For, Helix – SYFY), Andrew Bushell (32 Short Sketches About Bees, Fake Cops), Rakhee Morzaria (Notes to Self – CBC Comedy, Be Right Back), Jess Bryson (WordPlay, The Beaverton), Sharjil Rasool (Odd Squad – PBS Kids, JFL42 New Faces) and Andrea Marston (The Kweendom/Yas Kween, Bad Dog Breakout Performer 2016) with live, improvised music by Nick DiGaetano (Mi Casa Theatre, Business as Usual)

11pm: The Party Show
The struggle is real, but so is the party!!! Come together! It’s time to celebrate!
*THE PARTY SHOW strives to provide and promote an inclusive, safe and progressive space for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ guests/performers, plus all audience members.*


8pm: La Grande Jatte

10pm: Toronto I Love You

11pm: Squad Goals
SQUAD GOALS is a group of powerhouse improvisers doing exactly what they do best. Every month in this no-apologies improv show you’ll get a set with the original SQUAD GOALS crew: Sarah Hillier, Paloma Nunez, Kayla Lorette, Ashely Botting, Jess Bryson, Liz Johnston and Ann Pornel!
Plus a set with even more powerhouse women and a guest monologist!


8pm: DND Live

Love Dn’D? Love jokes? You’l love D&D Live!

Welcome to the Realm of T’Rannah! Each month Sex T-Rex and a cast of all-star comedians present our love letter to Dungeons and Dragons and the City of Toronto in an improvised action-comedy. Come drink, be merry and choose where the adventure takes place from locations such as Little Orktugal, The Danfort or Forthright Ed’s. Audiences will be called upon to take up the giant 20-sided Die of Power to determine the fate of our heroes as they face off against the enigmatic Dungeon Master, his host of nefarious NPCs and random wandering monsters.
Featuring: Sean Tabaras, Conor Bradbury, Chris Wilson, Liz Johnston, Stephanie Malek, Ted Hambly, Alec Toller, Julian Frid, Seann Murray and Kaitlin Morrow

9:30pm: Party Hard Hard Party
An improv parade of some of Toronto’s best improvisers, crafting seven minute scenes of improv magic. If you love truth and beauty in your hardcore comedy, then you’ll want to see improvisation with no tricks, no distractions, and no escape. Featuring Canadian Comedy Award winners Adam Cawley/Rob Norman (RN & Cawls) & Ken Hall (2-MAN NO-SHOW).

Isaac Kessler also performs.


8pm: B.L.O.W. (Bodacious Ladies of Wrestling)
Leotards, spandex and women’s wrestling collide as the Bodacious Ladies of Wrestling put on the best damn wrestling match ever made. Will friendships prevail? Will forgiveness be given? Find out when you tune into next week’s BLOW.

9:30pm LeBron Janes presents Voyager!
Get ready to get weird! LeBron Janes (Emily Richardson, Michelle Hart, Kristie Gunter & Sam Adams), recent recipients of the Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund, will bring you on the ultimate improv adventure. Come for the improv, stay for the lack of knowledge about basketball!


8pm: Sex Trex – Any Given Thursday
Sex T-Rex presents our monthly improv show – a Toronto comedy tradition for nearly 8 years! Each month brings new themes, new guests and the same cinematic, action-packed improv comedy Sex T-Rex is famous for. Check our social media for details on each show’s theme.

9:30pm: Cloud Comedy TO
Founded in Vancouver, BC (maybe you’ve heard of it?!), Cloud Comedy has brought together internationally renowned comedians (Kyle Kinane, SNL’s Pete Davidson, Matt Braunger) with local greats in an intimate setting, since 2010. Now Jordan Cohen and Chris Wilson are proud to bring the absurd show to Toronto, every month.

– Stand-up!
– Sketch!
– Bits!
– Riffing!
– Weird Stuff!
– A very special show as part of JFL42 at Bad Dog!
– Exclamation marks!
Lineup info:


8pm: Actual Jeopardy
You like that gameshow Jeopardy? This is just like that.
Your favourite improvisers play an actual game of Jeopardy, with audience members getting a chance to provide a category.
Featuring Jan Caruana, Adam Cawley and Dani Stover

9:30pm Superscene
SUPERSCENE creates 4 brand new, completely unique and hilarious improvised plays. However, each director only gets to direct one chapter of their play per round. After each round of scenes, the audience must vote for the story with the most potential, and the play with the least amount of audience love will be eliminated from the competition. The next round starts and the process continues, whittling down the directors until only the final, winning story gets to become Bad Dog’s SUPERSCENE of the night.


7pm: The Early Show
If you’re looking for a great way to get your Saturday started, this is it. The Early Show stars a group of Toronto’s hottest new talents, the Bad Dog Featured Players. They’ll be performing a variety of well known improv formats as well as taking on some new challenges. Either way, they’re gonna make you laugh so see them now before they get too big.

8pm: Theatresports
Bad Dog’s flagship show, Theatresports, has been making Toronto audiences laugh for over 35 years. Theatresports mixes the thrill of improv with the energy of a sporting event, putting you in the middle of the side-splitting scenes.
Performing shortform games (like the kind you see on Whose Line is It Anyway?) this is hilarious show pits two all-star teams against each other. They go head-to-head on the Bad Dog stage, making everything up on the spot, in a battle for you love and laughter. Fast paced, completely unscripted and full of energy, this the show to see for comedy lovers of all types.

9:30pm: Triplespeak
Triplespeak follows a classic improvisational format, the Armando. The reason the Armando is so widely performed is that it cuts to the core of what’s funny: the truth.
By inviting guests from beyond our theatre’s community to candidly share stories, we expose our stage to a breadth of personal truth. A skilled ensemble will deconstruct them to show an audience the edges of the social frameworks that make these stories so absurd, scary, triumphant, and human.
Each show builds itself out from the stories shared, as the cast weaves those experiences into new stories which, in a good Armando, make you laugh very hard, uniquely provoked by thought and feeling. Shows of this nature broaden our understanding of one another. They invite new truths to become part of a shared worldview. In a climate of polarizing realities it is crucial to share our stories and make sense of them together. Audiences will be treated to some of Toronto’s most engaging minds inspiring some of Toronto’s funniest improvisors, performing with intelligence and abandon.

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