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September 21 – 30, 2017 / Toronto, Ontario
JFL42 features some of the most hilarious, riveting and relevant comedians we could find, over a 10-day period in Toronto. Why 42? Because in addition to the headliners you have to choose from, there are 42 other amazing comedy acts that we selected for you to experience. Now it’s up to you to choose what you want to see.

Choose your festival in 4 steps

1. Buy a pass
Choose the pass that’s right for you! We’ve got passes that come with or without a headliner show PLUS credits that you can use to reserve to the other 42 amazing acts and ComedyCon events*.

After you purchase your pass, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours containing your activation link**.

INDIVIDUAL TICKETS TO SHOWS AVAILABLE should this pass thing not be your style.
2. Reserve
As soon as you activate your pass, your credits will appear… like magic! Log in and use your credits to reserve to whichever of the 42 artists you want to see.

One credit = one guaranteed seat to one of the 42 acts or ComedyCon event!
3. Check In
Pull up your pass on your smartphone at the venue and get your barcode scanned at the door. Make sure you check-in to the show using your smartphone to get your credit back right away!***. You can do this an hour before showtime to an hour after the show ends.

You gotta do it from the venue so we know you’re really there.
4. Credits Back!
When you check into a show, the credit you used to reserve to that show will be put back in your account. That’s right, we’re not kidding around. You’ll get your credit back and you can use it to reserve to your spot to ANOTHER SHOW!

How many shows can you see in 10 days?
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