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September 19 – 29, 2019 / Toronto, Ontario

The Second City

This is one of the 42

Why The Second City?

Because they’re a comedy institution!

Because you can use your credits to reserve to see the Second City Fall Revue AND Take Me Out To The Improv!

The Second City’s 83rd Revue

Come see The Second City Toronto’s brand new 83rd Revue. This is the most exciting time to see a show on our Mainstage. The cast is fresh, new material is worked into the show every night, and your laughter in the audience helps shape the final show!

Take Me Out To The Improv

The best and brightest comedy bench strength comes together again to celebrate what The Second City is all about! This show features an all-star roster of our best archival home runs, as well showcases our pitch-perfect range of improv skills that never fail to wow a crowd. Don’t miss out on Second City’s onslaught of comedy fastballs!

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