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September 21 – 30, 2017 / Toronto, Ontario

What else to do while in Toronto?

Check out Tourism Toronto

Tourism Toronto wants you to discover all the rad things the T-Dot has to offer. Whether you’re checking out the GTA with your super-touristy parents or want to live like a local without committing to a lease, Tourism Toronto can help you plan an amazing trip tailored to your wants and needs. Coming for JFL42? Good for you, Toronto Tourism is your one stop shop for finding travel, hotels, and passes for all your festival going requirements. Heading to Toronto for a conference or convention? No sweat, Tourism Toronto’s still got you covered. With over 1,200 members in the public and private sectors, this not-for-profit agency has everybody’s interests in mind.

So go ahead, check them out online at and get ready for a STELLAR stay in Toronto!

Drive with Car2Go


You and a friend heading out to see a show? Grab a Car2Go! It’s carsharing wherever you want, whenever you need, without the costs or hassles of owning a car. Download the app to find, drive and park your next ride – without planning in advance.  Take advantage of FREE registration and 42 Car2Go minutes by clicking and using the promo code: JFL42. Offer expires October 2, 2016


How to get there?

Fly Air Canada

If you’re gonna get ANYWHERE by air, why wouldn’t you choose Canada’s largest full-service airline? It just makes sense. Air Canada serves over 33 million people a year (that’s a lotta people), and treat each one of their customers with care & R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Air Canada provides direct service to over 175 destinations on five continents AND are a founding member of Star Alliance™, the world’s most comprehensive air transportation network.  And let’s not forget, Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment programming is top-notch. Will you choose to skip out on JFL42 to fly right back home again and continue enjoying the comfort that is an Air Canada flight? It’s a possibility.

Book your flight today at


Ride VIA Rail


VIA Rail’s mission is to offer a safe, attractive and stress-free travel experience, while consistently providing the best value for money. Well, mission accomplished! They offer a national passenger rail transportation service that is safe, secure, efficient, reliable, and environmentally sustainable, and that meets the needs of travellers in Canada. With free wi-fi and their phenomenal escape fare, it’s a great way to travel.VIA Rail is committed to working safely and with their focus on the customer, while striving to continuously improve themselves and their busine All aboard!

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